Monday, November 9, 2009

Love is...

From the beginning of history one word has been contemplated, put in place, and expressed. It’s one simple word that has a thousand different meanings. This word is love. Love is what grants us the power to go through the day, to be here on earth, and to express how we feel. But it has become something it was never meant to be; a word without a meaning. So, I ask what is love? Some think it is a crazy emotion, some think it is a religion, but love defined is much, much more.

First, I would like to start off saying that I have surveyed people ranging from thirteen to some in their seventies; each one had a different answer. Many younger boys had absolutely no idea, and they admitted that. Most girls thought it was an emotion that could get them through anything. Some ninth grade girls had their own opinions. One told me, “Love is an overwhelming feeling for an object or individual.” While others said that it was a Bible verse like 1 John 4:8. The most pronoun answer I got from a student was, “God is love, and love is God. Love is passion. Love is a passionate obsession. You cannot love until you know God, and once you know God, you may know love.” This really made me think about what love truly is.

Next, I found that the teachers and some parents thought love was more of a sacrifice- a giving away of you for another. Pastor Marc was not quiet in his opinion, and stated the following. “Love is a choice to be self- sacrificing of one person for the ultimate goal of pushing those being loved towards Christ.” He said, “I don’t believe it has as much to do with emotion, as American’s may think, although, it does involve them.” He finished by saying 1 Corinthians 13 is love. Another teacher told me, “God is love.” Simple, but those words together can sum everything else up. I found myself learning a lot about love.

However, it also worried me how many people who are in relationships had no idea what love is. That made me think that probably, they didn’t have it. How can people so “passionate” about God not know what love is to them? I believe it is because they don’t have a passion for God. Surprisingly, our passion is not in God, or in our significant other. Some people have it, while others search for it. The world calls love being intimate, or how much time we spend with one another. But I think having God as our Heavenly Father we should know love unlike the world.

So, what is love? I have come to a conclusion in my mind that love is a knowing, a sacrificing of who you are and what you want for another. Love is from God and from God only! There is no other way. Love is passion, and strong, but most importantly, love never gives up.

In conclusion, love may be a religion, a way of life, or more. But love is from God, love is how we express ourselves to another. It is Biblical and meant to be holy. We should not misuse or overuse the word love. It is much to strong, and much to important. So next time someone thinks they are in love, I will be challenging them with, What is love to you? And hopefully, they will know not only what it is, but who.

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